Founder & Director of Influx Collectiv(e): Queer Poetry Reading Series

Founded in 2018 by Catherine Chen and Cori Bratby-Rudd, Influx Collectiv is a LA based queer reading series. We host events that promote the voices of queer writers located in the area. For more information, please visit Influx Collectiv’s Website, Facebook or Instagram @influxcollectiv.

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Director of Programs and Co-Founder of Dissonance Press


Dissonance Press is a workspace and test platform for writing projects that subvert or repurpose how literature is made and read. By doing so, we hope to foster modes of writing that creatively respond to expectations, limitations, and exclusions of the literary machine. We seek work that actively challenges the perception of the author as solitary genius, in favor of work that stresses collaboration, serialization, and creation of shared narrative. We also produce works in overlooked genres, such as prayer books, photo albums, quilts, cookbooks and letters, that help uncover the ingenuity and brilliance of writers whose cultural, religious, economic, and social positions made it difficult or impossible to create work within traditional literary forms.


Co-Editor/Creator of ​BABY GAY Zine 

For this inaugural zine, Cori Bratby-Rudd and Hannah Rubin have summoned the great power of what we decided to call BABY GAY. Yes: an entire zine dedicated to yr weird, confused, & wondrous baby gay selves.

We have assembled yr weird baby gay fragments! We took your young journals and scanned in photographs of those tepid teary pages. They were begging for company— the company of other lil queer freak-outs and anxieties. It’s a way of reaching back to your younger self and saying i see you, i hear you, and yes you are a total faggot and no, you are not alone.

Zine is currently available for PRE-ORDER and will be shipped on June 20th. It is a total of 48 pages.





Performer with Q Story Stream

Produced by Houses on the Moon Theatre Company, this live storytelling event features five true stories per showing.



Complicating the narrative of coming out stories, this piece discusses being rejected from a foreign exchange program after the host family found out my parents were gay.




As a toddler I used to tell everyone I had lesbian moms– from the woman standing in line next to us at Carl’s Jr. to announcing it to my entire preschool class, I was very proud to have queer parents. That is, until my existence became the subject of an international debate over gay marriage. This story marks the journey from out and proud, to back in the closet, to the “fuck it” stage of acceptance.


UHAUL: A Short Play

2 women, 1 man
Run time: 10 minutes
UHAUL was selected by the judges for the 2019 ALAP/ City of West Hollywood Pride Play Reading Festival.

In this ten minute play, Diana (undocumented) and Cori (documented) are in love and have recently gotten married. As part of a pilot government program designed to sort out “fake” marriages, they have been assigned an agent who is required to move in with them and verify their love.


Editor of ​Slut. Bitch. Cunt. 

Written by Kelsey Jones and Alexandra Graff, Slut. Bitch Cunt is a play that consists of monologues that dissect the usage of slurs that intend to police women’s behavior. The play premiered at the screening of That Angry Bitch: A Short Film on February 9th.


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