71-Year-Old Ice Cream Vendor Beaten And Robbed (Originally Published By Canyon News on October 14)

Originally published by Canyon News on October 14. Posting for my own records.

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STUDIO CITY—On Thursday, October 13, David Juan Martinez was taken to the hospital with a fractured nose after being beaten and robbed by two men. The 70-year-old ice cream vendor is a father of seven and had been working near the intersection of Lemp Avenue and Vanowen Street.

His daughter-in law, Laura Rodriquez, reported to NBC Los Angeles that her father had been working every day since he came to the United States 30 years ago. The robbers stole $80 from Martinez and left him with two black eyes along with the fractured nose.Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 9.59.21 PM.png

KTLA reported that Martinez had to walk a mile home after the incident. His shirt was blood stained and his facial injuries were substantial. This was not the first, but the third time Martinez had been attacked while operating his ice cream cart.

Upon finding Martinez, Rodriguez drove her father-in- law to the hospital. Police have not yet identified the suspects who robbed and at- tacked Martinez.

Rodriquez created a gofundme page for Martinez so he can raise money to begin retirement. Rodriquez, who wrote the overview on the site stated, “I made this ac- count to start raising money to retire David Juan Martinez from working as an Ice cream man. He is 70 year old father of 7. Last night as he walked home from work he was assaulted & robbed. Thankfully he managed to get away and made it home to safety. He was taken to Hospital and police report has been made. Luckily He only had a fractured nose and some bruises. As we walked out the Hospital I told him that he needs to rest, and he said he will rest the night and go to work tomorrow. I don’t want him to continue putting his life at risk. He and his wife are very hard workers. They never ask for help or bother anyone. He didn’t de- serve to be assaulted especially as a senior age. He sells ice cream and he loves it, but it’s time for him to start taking care of himself. Please help me raise enough money so he can retire!”

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