Detective Investigating Derrick Rose For Rape Found Dead (Originally Published by Canyon News on October 13 at 9:02am)

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Here is the transcription:

BEVERLY HILLS—Los Angeles Police Department Detective Nadine Hernandez was found on Tuesday October 11, with what officials have now identified as a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound. She was declared dead at the hospital at 3:27p.m.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the same detective is one of two officials investigating sexual battery and rape charges against New York Knicks NBA player Derrick Rose. The LAPD claim that her death is unrelated to the rape case.

The case is related to allegations from the plaintiff that Derrick Rose and two of his friends,  Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, gang raped her on August 27, 2013. After Jane Doe became intoxicated at Rose’s Beverly Hills home and took a taxi home, the three defendants showed up at her apartment later that evening.

The defendants admitted to having sex with Jane Doe, but argue that it was consensual and that she was not intoxicated. Jane Doe stated that she did not recall the events and claims that she was incapacitated from drinking and was possibly drugged. She also claims she experienced blackouts and only occasionally came back into consciousness that day.

If Rose, Hampton and Allen lose the case, they will be ordered to pay $21.5 million in compensation as the trial is a civil litigation through the Los Angeles County Superior Court and not a criminal case.

Hernandez was one of the officers monitoring the trial for evidence that could be used in a possible criminal prosecution. She had recently wrote a letter claiming that criminal investigations were already being initiated against the defendants and requested for anonymity for the victim’s identity in order to assist the criminal investigation being handled by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The victim’s attorney, Brandan Annad has requested that the judge reconsider the previous ruling from September 20 that the victim would not be able to stay anonymous during the trial.  Annad claimed that Hernandez was willing to testify in the civil case and that a criminal investigation was underway. According to reports, the plaintiff had received harassment since the removal of her anonymity.

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