Hundreds Of UCLA Students Protest Election (Published by Canyon News on Wednesday, November 9)

WESTWOOD—Over 1,000 UCLA students marched in protest of Donald Trump’s election on Wednesday, November 9. Trump was elected President of the United States during the early morning hours. At approximately midnight, students began posting videos of the protests on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the recordings, students visibly block the street around Janss Invesment Company Building in Westwood. According to the videos, students audibly chant “Not my president.” In another recording, students yell, “F*** Donald Trump.”

Students reported that police had informed them to stay on the South side of Gayly Avenue.


UCLA students were captured on video lighting a Trump piñata on fire.

Another UCLA student, Tejas Dalvi, posted on Twitter that he walked in on his roommate, who is currently covered under DACA, crying because of the fear that he would deported and not allowed to complete his UCLA education under a Trump presidency.

ABC News posted that over 3,000 students at- tended the protest. Similar protests have occurred throughout Los Angeles and the United States. As a result of the election, Dead- line reported that the Los Angeles Police Department is prepping for “Riot Mode” in some areas.

UPDATE: Los Angeles High School Students stage a walk-out in protest of Trump’s election. Fox News reported that American University students have been recorded burning American flags.

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